Sunday, January 3, 2010

Introducing my family on my mother side

So here are they !

Just to let you know and as I've said that my family is muslem, that is why some of the women/girls are covering their hair - its really important! or otherwise its really sinful [smirks], especially when the women has married. This picture is taken during our occasion - Hari Raya (well last year) :)

Belated New Year Resolution

I was supposed to be writting this on the first day of New Year *cause I thought that it might be the best way to start the Year :)but since my bloody keyboard is not working I can't so in the meanwhile I have to copy and paste the letters that I couldn't type ! its tiring [tears]- really need a new keyboard ASAP !!!*

...Anyways here's the 7 things that I listed down as I've promised ;)...

1) think of a new hair style [giggles] hehe
2) try not to missed any of the prayers and be punctual for it
3) study hard - get lots of A *I want rewards and certificates*
4) read at least 10 books, and try to understand it get lots of words as well
5) meet the people I wanted
6) don't be friends with little kids - who is not the seniors in our school
7) get lots of followers in twitter and try to get the celebrities followed

THAT IS IT !!!!! :)
RT @aplusk Let's make this year count! Let's speak with our minds and act with Our hearts