Friday, January 8, 2010

The last song...

The last song, Miley Cyrus movie is coming soon this April. Watch the trailer here.

Based on best-selling novelist Nicholas Sparks’ ("A Walk to Remember," "The Notebook") latest novel, THE LAST SONG is set in a small Southern beach town where an estranged father (GREG KINNEAR) gets a chance to spend the summer with his reluctant teenaged daughter (MILEY CYRUS), who’d rather be home in New York. He tries to reconnect with her through the only thing they have in common—music—in a story of family, friendship, secrets and salvation, along with first loves and second chances. The film is directed by Julie Anne Robinson from a screenplay by Spars & Jeff Van Wie.

People's Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Taylor Lautner vs. Kellan Lutz

O.o nice...

There was no Robert Pattinson on hand at last night's People's Choice Awards.

But the Twilight Saga was still well-represented... with hotness!

Both Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz walked the show's red carpet, with the former also giving a speech on stage after taking home the trophy for Favorite Breakout Movie Actor.

Will Lautner extend his winning steak today, as he's pitted against co-star and friend Lutz in a no-holds-barred Fashion Face-Off? That will be up to our readers.

Study the studs below and vote in the proceeding poll. Which of these actors makes your heart race faster?

Miley Cyrus Whines About Fame, Preaches to Parents in Harper's Bazaar

My comment: She could be meaan...

Gosh darn it, Miley Cyrus. We were just starting to respect you more as an artist and a mature human being.

Over the last few weeks, we've actually given you props for deleting your Twitter account and keeping your relationship with Liam Hemsworth private.

But you've gone ahead and erased all that good will with a series of spoiled, whining quotes in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar. Speaking to the magazine, Miley relays how it felt to fly to Tybee Island and film The Last Song.

"I got on the plane, and I was lying in my mom's lap and crying and saying, 'I'm so happy to be getting out of L.A.,'" she said, adding: "I went out every night with my friends... All this stuff would've been such a big deal in Los Angeles: Who's she with? Why is she dancing?"

That may be true, Miles, but so is this: You'd never have landed a starring role in a movie if not for your life in Los Angeles. So shut up and stop sounding so ungrateful.

Spotted Strolling: Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus!

I just loved to read this... HIyayaya. Miley Cyrus has been spotted strolling with Liam Hemsworth. Cute eih ?

" Yesterday, we made fun of a recent interview Miley Cyrus gave in which she complained about life in the spotlight.

We stil believe she could have sounded more grateful about the fame and fortune that has come her way as a result of living/working in Los Angeles.

But it's also not hard to imagine how annoying it can be to go on a simple coffee date with your boyfriend... and suddenly be joined on it by a wave of celebrity gossip photographers.

That's exactly what happened to Miley and Liam Hemsworth this week. To their credit, both are smiling and seemingly taking the intrusion well. Heck, Cyrus is even wearing an age-appropriate outfit!

Click on the following photos for for larger images, while we re-evaluate our lives in light of these positive traits we're assigning to Cyrus. It feels very strange to do so..."

Out looking for "coffee"

Hmmm... We still couldn't found our cat... We look like almost every where, again! We went back to the per shop today - where we bought him.. But confusingly, there are lots of cats that look like him. I was happy at first but then too bad there it wasn't it. The funniest thing is that, while on the way to the pet shop, we "meowed" and called "Coffee"... Hanif and I thinks that its really crazy and embarrassing. But its for our own good. The other funny thing is that while we were calling "Coffee", there's someone walk passed by our car and thought we called him. Cause he replied "ha?" and so we laughed. LOL. At the pet shop there, we saw lots of cute animals, I wanna buy one but its expensive. I asked the seller "how much is it?", the seller answered "600 000 IDRP" I was like "OK, never mind then. Hehe." (at first I thought that it would be "16000 IDRP" LOL) We look and look. There isn't. When we arrived back at home, mom told me that this is Friday night and if we pray that "Coffee" is safe god might make it come true. And so I did a few minutes ago, after dinner. I hope "Coffee" COMES BACK!!!!

RB @PerezHilton Lindsanity Caught Stealing AGAIN! (tsktsktsk)

Lindsanity Caught Stealing AGAIN!

Lindsay Lohan knows a good idea when she sees one!
In addition to stealing Jen Kao's dress design, La Loca has also lifted a leggings design from James Lillis, designer of Black Milk Clothing.
The designer recently took to his blog after he noticed striking similarities between his Sheer Spartan leggings and 6126's Diamond design. His response? "Sucks to be me".
Jen Kao knows how you feel! The designer has already issued a statement about being copied, saying:
"While we are all well aware that being ‘mimicked’ or ‘copied’ has always existed in this industry, I think the evolution of it all has grown to an alarming level. It’s a shame to support the concept of taking advantage of designers who are still trying to develop a name and solidify the image of their design aesthetic."
But after the two claims Lindsay's camp begs to differ.
President of 6126 Kristi Taylor had this to say about all the copycat accusations:
“The alleged ‘copying’ claims made by these companies are false and have absolutely no merit or validity whatsoever. Any alleged similarities are purely coincidental. The 6126 illustrations for the upcoming fall 2010 collections do not even describe the fabric content, fit or actual construction details of the garments. This is merely an accusation based upon a pencil sketch with no concrete viable evidence to back up the allegations.”
Whatever you say, Kristi.

Read more: CocoPerez: Lindsanity Caught Stealing AGAIN!
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Yesh.. I've heard it! Justin Bieber album My World part 2 is coming soon...

My World is the two-part debut studio album from Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The first part of the album was released on November 17, 2009, via Island Records, and the second part will be released in March 2010.[10] Bieber worked a variety of producers and writers such as his mentor, Usher, Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Midi Mafia and more. The songs are mostly inspired by teen romance and typical coming of age situations, and musically the album is R&B influenced pop. The album received positive reviews from critics, and debuted at #6 on the U.S. Billboard 200[11], selling 137,000 copies in its first week[12], which was at the time, the best opening release for a new artist in 2009[10], until the record was topped by Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream. It also debuted at #1 on the Canadian Albums Chart[13]. As of the sixth week, the album has sold over 731,000 copies in the United States[14], and has been certified Platinum in Canada[15].


私は本当にそれらでとてもすごく怒っています… 人々。 それに手段をするものを得ないなら、私に尋ねてください。 それがそれらの薄明かりのRolePlaying website.Theyの1つであるという手がかりは本当に下品です! 私は接合されるのにそれを使用しました。 しかし、そして、私は禁止されました。 そのサイトは実際に18以上のためのものです。 しかし、私は本当に気にかけません。 私は第一に禁止されて、私がそうしようとしていた大義名分が注意を探すということです。 正直なところ、私は孤独でした。 そして、その新しい民族が来て以来、(それはフェリクスとしてなりました)彼は皆を禁止しました。 私はFUCK YOU BITCHに似ていました! はい、私は本当に気が狂っていました。 彼は年取ったキャラクタのすべてを禁止しました。 正直なところ、私は本当に再びそれらを逃します。 そして、そこから、私は、そのサイトに入るために他のpeople.Justになり始めました。 私は、例えば、酔っぱらっていると思います。 ロル。 そして、木の実を拾う人をファックして、フェリクスは私を信じていませんでした。 私、新しいキャラクタのように。 他としての役割のPlayingは住んでいます--簡単ではありませんでした。 私が大人のように行動させなければならない原因。 したがって、私はまだ大人ではありません…また、私は多くの新しいさえずりアカウントとメールを作成します。 ロル。 私と私の友人は、それをするのを計画していました。 しかし、すべての努力がありません。 だれが欠点であるかので? そのフェリクス欠点のもの そして、誰でも、チームのフェリクスでは、あなたは危険にあります。 LMAO。 さて、それは本当に長いすごい話です。 彼らは私の年を台無しにしました。 私がそれにおぼれさせた原因。 はい、私は追跡者です。 そこでは、私が持っています。それを認めてください。 私はその血だらけのフェリクスが嫌いです。

--- Haha, its in Japanese. LMAO ---

Oh where, oh where could my black cat be?!?!

I really miss my black cat. I've been worrying. I don't know where he went. He has been out for 3 days. Someone might have stole it when he went outside of the gate. There's a big hole underneath it. So there might be possibilities. And when there's someone saw it, they might steal it. But I hope there's someone out there who is really nice.... Put it back to the pet shop where I bought him or sent to the vet... I really want my black cat. So sorry if I didn't play with you. Come back home kitty, now my white cat is alone...... Awwww, *sad* I wish I have a picture of him though. But its on the phone not here. I really couldn't afford to keep anything that is precious to me cause the longer I keep it, to more it is harder to let it go... He's a black cat, Persian..If you find him somewhere out there, -- whoever lives in my country, Jakarta please returned back us. Email me: . I will show you the picture if I 've found it. xoxo..

Modern Age - using my OWN words.

The early modern ages is History of where the modern time begin this period of times happened after the middle ages. The modern period has been a time of many advances in the science, politics, warfare, technology, and globalization. During this period is a time where the European powers began a political, economic, and cultural beginning in the world. In the 19th and early 20th century, art, politics, science and culture are important parts of every area on earth. The period is also called the early modern period. This time was a time where the Europeans found the new world and began colonizing it, for instance, when America was colonized by the English Puritance. Industries began to make clothes, ornaments, and other. useful tools that revolution began in the everyday modern world as we know it. The Napoleonic Era is a period in the History of France and Europe. It is also known as the you can keep this French Revolution, the first being the National and the third being the Directory. The Napoleonic Era being the Directory. The Napoleonic Era begins with Napoleon's coup d e tat, Era begins with Napoleon's coup d e tat, overthrowing the directory and ends at the Hundred Days and his defeat at Waterloo. The 19th century is the time in history from 1815 to 1914. During this century, the Spanish, Portugese start to die. Following the Napoleanic wars, the British Empire became the world's leading power, controlling one quater of the world's population and one third of the land area. Singapore was also involved, which is why they speak English. The British also helped to trade, and battle piracy. This time also sees the first light bulb, cars, railways, airplanes, printing press and other inventions. The 20th century is a time which technology and medicine gets better and change peoples way of life. Some advance,ments were in space exploraion like NeiL Armstrong's voyage to the moon. Also nuclear technology in genetics, and the beginning of the information age. This was also a time of where the second world war began and ended, cold war, the fall of the British Empire and the independence of countries, such as Indonesian Independence Day in August 17 1945. So, this is the main summary of the early modern ages, and what comes next after that from their developments.