Friday, January 8, 2010

Out looking for "coffee"

Hmmm... We still couldn't found our cat... We look like almost every where, again! We went back to the per shop today - where we bought him.. But confusingly, there are lots of cats that look like him. I was happy at first but then too bad there it wasn't it. The funniest thing is that, while on the way to the pet shop, we "meowed" and called "Coffee"... Hanif and I thinks that its really crazy and embarrassing. But its for our own good. The other funny thing is that while we were calling "Coffee", there's someone walk passed by our car and thought we called him. Cause he replied "ha?" and so we laughed. LOL. At the pet shop there, we saw lots of cute animals, I wanna buy one but its expensive. I asked the seller "how much is it?", the seller answered "600 000 IDRP" I was like "OK, never mind then. Hehe." (at first I thought that it would be "16000 IDRP" LOL) We look and look. There isn't. When we arrived back at home, mom told me that this is Friday night and if we pray that "Coffee" is safe god might make it come true. And so I did a few minutes ago, after dinner. I hope "Coffee" COMES BACK!!!!

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