Thursday, January 7, 2010



First of all let me just say that the only reason I am writing this blog is because I am doing it for my late Fiance, Casey Johnson aka Casey Nguyen (she wanted to take my last name after we got legally married in Idaho).

For the LONGEST time this DISGUSTING so called "SUPERMODEL" named Jazmine Leonard has been nothing but a LEACH in our lives! She has had a LONG criminal history back in London where is she is originally from, and everyone in London hated her so bad for being a known Gold digger and Homewrecker(most known for seducing Simon Cowell and calling paparazzi's on her own to have them take pictures of her leaving his apartment) it was news all over London and this disgusting bitch was thriving off of the fact that she just ruined people's lives! Yes, this person that calls herself a "SUPERMODEL" sorry...but does this face look like a supermodel to you? And yes, she's got TONS of plastic surgery on her face, not that have I have anything against plastic surgery, but damn, I thought plastic surgery was supposed to make you look better, not UGLIER??? I guess it's just her TRUE COLORS shining through! LOL

Anyway, this is the same bitch who had the AUDACITY to PRESS CHARGES against my late FIANCE, Casey Johnson over a pink fucking sweater and some forever 21 dresses!!!!!!!!! Wow, are u that desperate??? First of all, to make it clear, my fiance DID NOT STEAL SHIT FROM HER! ESPECIALLY SOME FOREVER 21 DRESSES! As a matter of fact, this same bitch came to my house year ago and stole 3 of my Dolce & Gabanna dresses and never returned it. Did I press charges. No. I figured, this bitch is broke, gold-digger and I have a lot more going in my life so I just figure let it be and let her have it.

So my point is, after pressing charges on my innocent Fiance, when Jazmine was the one WHO GAVE HER THE KEY TO HER PLACE & TOLD HER TO BORROW WHATEVER SHE WANTED(this was before Casey & I met and fell in love) Jazmine set her up on purpose, HOPING that she would get MILLIONS off of Casey, but once she realized that Casey didn't have that money, Jazmine, this UGLY devil at that got pissed and as soon as My Fiance and I announced that we got engaged, this bitch would not stop harassing us! I don't even know this bitch. As a matter of fact, a couple years ago I met her through mutual friends and being the nice person that I am, I offered to help her get her own TV show, to which I did. I put her and her nasty partner in Crime Courtenay Semel in my new TV SHOW PILOT FOR MTV, which was a HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!! We shot the pilot, and everything was done, but because those 2 were being SUCH DIVAS ABOUT EVERYTHING, they did NOT sign the contracts and so therefor the show was never released. THANK GOD! Cuz I would have been the one responsible for making them BOTH FAMOUS! EWWWWW!

Fast Forward to today, this Jazmine Cunt is still going on and on about me when I have not spoken nor said a word about her for YEARS! Why is she constantly stalking my life??? If she had a life of her own, maybe she would stop stalking me and making up lies. She is the same person selling her FAKE stories to Perez Hilton and Radaronline & many other news outlets. I find it SAD that she can't get any press of her OWN unless she NAME DROPS ME! That is the ONLY way the media will ever pay attention to her is if she NAME DROPS ME OR MY FIANCE! She can never do it on her own! PATHETIC! Oh yea... her and Court Semen even had the Police come raid my house to look for that "PINK SWEATER & SOME FOREVER 21 DRESSES" and u know what's really sad?? She had one of the officers take a fake pink ring that one of my FANS BOUGHT FOR ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY OFF OF MY AMAZONE LIST AND NEVER GAVE IT BACK TO ME! HOW SAD IS THIS BITCH??? She literally stole one of my fan rings that a fan gave to me and said it was hers! HOW SAD! STEALING FROM TILA FANS NOW! SMH....

Now here is the part where I'm going to call her out. Do u guys remember a while ago I claimed that someone broke into my house? Well it was never a lie. It was Jazmine who did. She broke into my house, vandalized it, and that's when she stole all of my Dolce & Gabanna Dresses. I let the police do their job & that's why I never talked about it publicly so people eventually thought I was lying about it ,but I wasn't. I had a warrant out for her arrest and everything, but then her ass flew back to LONDON for a while to hide out, so eventually I just dropped the charges.

On top of that she is currently making money in LA by being a paid Prostitute. She works for some washed up old Lesbian named Lisa who runs some type of Prostitution camp where she sends out girls like Jazmine to fuck and suck guys off for about $300. She's also admitted to mutal friends that she got money buy sleeping with a few famous guys without a condom and lied to them and conned at least 3 of them out of $100,000.00!!!!!!! Yes, she lied to them and told each of them that she was pregnant with their baby and if they wanted her to abort it, then they would have to pay her $100,000.00 each. She has conned people like Dave Navarro, Simon Cowell and many others I dont want to put on blast. She even had the nerve one night to tell me to set up my good friend Ryan Seacrest!


I immediately called Ryan and told him to watch out for this girl. Ryan and Simon are GOOD PEOPLE! They don't need leaches like her trying to ruing their careers! I will vouch that they are TRULY ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET AND ONLY WANTS TO HELP PEOPLE!

THis was YEARS ago! I never heard from her again nor had her in my life for years. She only popped back up once I got engaged to my late Fiance Casey because of the lamest court case of all time, over a PINK SWEATER, FOREVER 21 DRESSES & NOW SHE STOLE A TILA FAN RING! SAD! That was the only problem I had with Casey and was trying hard to help her get away from these negative broads who have no career so they thrive off of drama! I was in the middle of helping my Fiance get away from that scene. They only used her when she had money, then when they sucked her clean, and she had nothing left, they left her, abandoned her, and then to make it worse, pressed charges against her hoping to get some money!

I on the other hand was there for Casey when she had NO MONEY, down in the dumps, and i didn't care. She had her heart to offer me and I saw this beautiful Angel inside of her that I fell in love with. I don't care about money because I have plenty of my own. Plus she was broke when I met her anyway. I spent thousands of dollars on buy presents for her Daughter Ava who she wanted me to adopt so I could be her Mother Too! We fell madly in love and was about to start a beautiful life together. We NEVER had one bad thing to say about anyone, yet Jazmine and Courtenay would ALWAYS go OUT OF THEIR WAY to say shit about us. GET A LIFE! WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU SO WHY DO U ALWAYS HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT WE ARE DOING??

Sadly, my Wife is no longer here with me today so I am going to battle this on my own because I know in my heart, this is what she would have wanted. As a matter of fact, she is the one who sent me this email of this picture of Jazmine this so called "SUPERMODEL" and said to me "EWWWWWWWWWW" LOL God I love my wife. I don't want to talk about her further cuz I'm going to break down crying because this week we were supposed to go look at new houses together. We were the perfect couple and so so so so sooooooooooo in love!

Casey, This is for you my beautiful angel. Nobody can take away what we shared and NOBODY will know the love that we had for one another. It was just me and you and you will always forever be in my heart. I don't know what to do now that you're gone but I know in my heart that you would want me to keep on kicking ass and being the Bosslady that I am. You always loved that about me and was always so supportive and proud of me. What I would give just to have you here right by my side right now as I type this blog like you always were....but I can't turn back time now. All I know is that no one will ever take your spot in my heart. That place is for you and you only my Angel. I love you always and I will see you soon enough in heaven and our wedding will be even more beautiful in Heaven and Marilyn Monroe can be my Maid of Honor while Elvis can sing at our wedding and Frank Sinatra can sing a song for us while we do our first couple's dance. I love you Casey. I can feel you here everynight next to me, sleeping in my arms, feeling the saftely, love, warmth, and security that I always provided you with. I miss you so much, but life goes on and because of you, I'm going to work even harder now to keep my promises to you! Now that you're my Angel, I KNOW that you will make sure everything I do in life will be MAJOR, and for now, you can take care of my son JAYDEN, who is also in heaven now with you. We will be a family together again in Heaven soon enough! I love you always and forever my beautiful Angel.........


Mrs. Tila Nguyen & Mrs. Casey Nguyen


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Animal issues

I seriously have lots of animal issues today!!! Well first one of my black cat went missing. It went out of the house at midnight if I'm not wrong, that's what my mother says. A few minutes later it went back in. And it went back out again. From there, it went missing. My black cat didn't come back home. Till the next morning SAD. I didn't hear its meowing since then. Is it my fault? Cause I don't really care about that cat that much. I was to busy tweeting - talking to my tweeter friends. Well mostly on the computer. LOL. My cat loves coming in to my room and always want to play with me. But noo I can't cause I was to buuusy on the computer. LOL. But at times, it gets annoying. It also loves to disturb me when I'm doing my homework... I know, it kindda pissed me off too sometimes. My mom says that there's someone might took it, but how's that possible ? The gate is really big. And my mom also says that there's some other cat came in and kill it. WTF ? Wonder why they like to say that. Grrrr....
Not just a problem with the black cat. I have problems with my bunnies too... Like I just tweeted, there's something wrong with my bunny legs. First the brown one and now it happened with the white one.... Its all because of who's fault ?!?! It's my little brother's fault !!! First they throw those bunnies in the swimming pool (outside my house). I could tell cause they're wet. LOL. For two times !!! Ahh I am soo mad... And the second reason is, my stupid idiotic little brother, Ammar throw's my bunnies like a football... Get what I mean?!?! Hanif shows how he did it and it was surprisingly shocking !!! I seriously need to take them to the vet for check-ups. I WILL NEVER ALLOW MY LITTLE BROTHERS TO TOUCH MY BUNNIES EVER AGAIN! That's why I called him Animal Killer !!! Fuck.