Thursday, January 7, 2010

Animal issues

I seriously have lots of animal issues today!!! Well first one of my black cat went missing. It went out of the house at midnight if I'm not wrong, that's what my mother says. A few minutes later it went back in. And it went back out again. From there, it went missing. My black cat didn't come back home. Till the next morning SAD. I didn't hear its meowing since then. Is it my fault? Cause I don't really care about that cat that much. I was to busy tweeting - talking to my tweeter friends. Well mostly on the computer. LOL. My cat loves coming in to my room and always want to play with me. But noo I can't cause I was to buuusy on the computer. LOL. But at times, it gets annoying. It also loves to disturb me when I'm doing my homework... I know, it kindda pissed me off too sometimes. My mom says that there's someone might took it, but how's that possible ? The gate is really big. And my mom also says that there's some other cat came in and kill it. WTF ? Wonder why they like to say that. Grrrr....
Not just a problem with the black cat. I have problems with my bunnies too... Like I just tweeted, there's something wrong with my bunny legs. First the brown one and now it happened with the white one.... Its all because of who's fault ?!?! It's my little brother's fault !!! First they throw those bunnies in the swimming pool (outside my house). I could tell cause they're wet. LOL. For two times !!! Ahh I am soo mad... And the second reason is, my stupid idiotic little brother, Ammar throw's my bunnies like a football... Get what I mean?!?! Hanif shows how he did it and it was surprisingly shocking !!! I seriously need to take them to the vet for check-ups. I WILL NEVER ALLOW MY LITTLE BROTHERS TO TOUCH MY BUNNIES EVER AGAIN! That's why I called him Animal Killer !!! Fuck.

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